Procom Smart Devices

For Smarter Management

Simple To Set Up & use

Grab and avail the smart binge devices that add the fragrance of smartness to your living arena. Simple configured tools that ease in installation and use.


Plug In

Connect the desired smart set up to effuse the smart ambience surround you.


Connect with WiFi

Our smart filled devices are awesome ready to take your commands and act accordingly.


Setup Using App

Make things super easy by making a few taps where Procom app assists you in this doing.

Automation for Ultimate Convenience

You can set schedules and timers for connected devices to let them start /stop work automatically. For example, every morning your bedroom lights turn on by themselves to wake you up.

Create Scenes

You can connect multiple products in a scene to control them with a single command. For example, call it a day with “Good Night” scene that turns off lights and all connected devices.


Use Offline

If your internet connection goes down or you have no remote access you can still manually control your devices on the smart products themselves.


Control With Voice or Mobile App

You can control all devices with "Procom Smart Home" App.

Procom Smart Devices For Smarter Management

Smart filled devices are all that assist you in managing with work. Procom is with all the richness of varied smart tools and devices that enrich your smart living.

    Smart Switch Board

Multiple functionality enabled switch board to operate, control and schedule at your flexibility.

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  Motorized Curtain

A wavy drape that shuts and opens automatically according to the scheduled time of the day.

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Motion PIR Sensor  

Embedded smart sensor that activates to sense and act to your motion around the home.

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IR Blaster  

An Infrared catapulted smart tool emulating autonomous remote control on devices.

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Smart Qube  

Smart built cube with automatic authorization on all your electrical home appliances.

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    Curtain Controller

Command and control to your convenience to close or open the curtain.

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Let Procom make your life easier

Architect's Choice
Available in a wide range of colors &
designs as per the designers choice
Consultant's Convenience
Available in a wide range of design options
to suit the control functions
Electrician's Delight
Normal wiring plenty of space inside the
metal box for ease of installation