2 Module Smart Switch (2M-2K1LCB)

2 Module Smart Switch (2M-4K4L)

4 Module Smart Switch (4M-6KDM)

4 Module Smart Switch (4M-6KRM)

8 Module Smart Switch (8M-10KDM)

8 Module Smart Switch (8M-10KRM)

Motion PIR Sensor

Motorized Curtain


Yes. Procom Smart Switch give you a white indication when the load is “off” and a blue indication when it’s “on”.

By calculating the number of circuit loads available at your existing switchboard & its module size, you can choose your appropriate touch panel.
No. Your existing wiring does not need to be altered for any Procom product. We would either replace your existing switchboard with the Smart Switch of your choice or insert matchbox-sized modules behind your existing switchboard.
No. All our touch panels are compatible with all standard brand metal/flush back boxes. For country/region-it varies, check product specifications.
Yes. We have an inbuilt fuse between the incoming power & SMPS Module.
Yes. The front-side digital PCB inside each Procom Smart Switch works with a 5V DC Power, which can’t cause an electrical shock.
We are providing Standard 2 Years Warranty from the date of invoice.
No. Kindly make sure the Driver is phase cut dimmable type.
Yes, both apps are free of cost for both Android and iOS.
Yes. It is possible to customize the appearance of your Smart Switch if the order is at least 500 units. Please contact us for more info.
When you don’t have internet access, remote controlling from outside your home will not be possible. Manual and IR Remote controls will still work within the house without internet.