Now Home Is Your Smart World

Bid a bye to the complexion of wiring homes. Step-in to the world of wire-free smart reside. Procom makes it possible to transform your home into a smart home.

Smart Switchboard

Procom smart switchboard is Wi-Fi-enabled that replaces the traditional switch boards into Smart switch boards and that can be individually controlled by your mobile phone or tablets.

   Easy Setup

No additional space occupancy. The similar conventional way of setting.

   No Additional Tangles

In less time and with no additional wiring, covert your home smart.

   Noise Free Regulation

Adjust fan speed, auto turning ON or OFF is made simple.

Ensured quality

Prone to long-term usage.

The best fit for Indian conditions

Reliable in unsteady voltages conditions.

Suitable to all home appliances

Available as 2-module, 4-module and 6 & 8-module switches.

Switch to Smart-Switch

Set your Smart switch to hues according to your mood, and control your appliances in your comfort.Experience smart actions through Procom app.