Fill In The Smart Hanging Drop

Smart is your home, so are the wavy closures. These smart curtains can close to darken & open
to brighten your space, given your command.

   Customized curtains

Fuse the smart wavy drops to your smart homes, to sync your moods.

   Simply serene

A quiet & noise-free space for peace is assured

   Control in your hands

Operate flexibly on app, voice command or remote control.

Access to app control

Tap in the app to control the open or close the wavy drop.

Control from your point of comfort

From the comfort of your couch activate the functionality of your smart curtains.

Auto-adjust the level

Set the percentage limit of curtain coverage and it adjusts on itself.

Set the timer

Enable a timer to drop or raise the curtains in accordance with your activity.

Sync to your mood

Darken or fill in the light to your space to solace your thoughts.

Smartened voice control

Send in your voice command to act to your requirement and see the smart fill operate.

Smart Cling-Smart Curtains

A smart home makes an essence to smart curtains. Procom allows you to experience the
auto controlled and schedule enabled smart blind system.