Smart Qube

Smart Qube with automatic authorization on all your electrical home appliances. It is just a one tap away to follow your commands.

   A Miniscule Product

Tiny module that automates your tasking.

   Monitors power consumption

Actively monitors and modulates the energy usage.

   Easy to fix

Goes into any switch board to control wholly.

Control from anywhere, also using Voice Control

Send in your commands staying indoors or even outdoors.

Monitor the Power Consumption

Monitors the power consumption and regulates the usage to save energy.

Let the smartness master

Immerse in managing your work. Allow these smart masters to do the rest.

Scheduled ON & OFF

Modulates the energy from lights accordingly with the time of day.

Create scenes to suit your mood

Enable that smart odor to fill your space in compliance with your mood.

Power Saving

Fixing these sensors has less manual intrusion and also energy efficient capable.

Go hands-free with Smart Qube

Enhance your setupw it Procom Smart Qube.