Sense Your Moves

The Procom motion sensor follows and is alerted by your moves and acts accordingly. This smart home system is capable of handling and activating in line with our motion across the home.

   Smart Setup

Automate your space and go hands-free

   Compact Module

Can be set up at any corner in home to monitor your movement.

   Built-in Savings

Smart sensor efficiently reduces the energy consumption automatically.

No false alerts

Wide awake and accurate at senses in alerting any intrusion.

Longevity of Sensor

Ensured long battery life upon regulated and optimized usage.

Possibility to mount

Tiny to fit and can be installed on walls and ceilings too.

Conserves Energy

Modulates the energy from lights accordingly with the time of day.

Acts accordingly

Senses the presence of person in the room and makes the lights, fan and other required things enable or disable.

Appropriate to install

Fixing these sensors has less manual intrusion and also energy efficient capable.

Make Smart Sensing Surround You

Turn your lights on automatically when you walk into the room.